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Who Will Care For Your Pet

The Easy Way to Protect Your Pet's Future

In-depth, step-by-step instructions on choosing a pet guardian and suggestions on what to include in the blank Pet Forms regarding your pet’s needs, behaviors and quirks along with important contact names and numbers.

Your Pet Forms

A Stand Alone Companion Book

A single Pet Form that puts your pet’s essential information at the finger-tips of pet caretakers today and pet guardians in the future. Because the more those caring for your pet know and understand about your pet, the happier your pet will be.

Create a Plan for Your Pet's Future That You Can Use Today

Your Pet's Future

Circumstances in one's life can change, sometimes quickly, and our pets can become the helpless victims, but not if we are prepared ahead of time and not if we have chosen a pet guardian to care for our pets when we cannot.

Your Wishes

The Pet Form, with its signature page, in the Who Will Care for Your Pet books gives you an easy way to let friends, family and the legal system know your wishes concerning your pet's continuing care without you.

Essential Information

The Pet Forms in the Who Will Care for Your Pet books organize your pet's essential, daily information, emotional needs and important contact names and numbers, including those of your pet guardians, all in one easy to access place.

Keep Your Pets Happy

With her Who Will Care for Your Pet books Rennie Chamberlain has given every pet lover an easy solution to a problem many may not have considered - how to safeguard your pet's future without you

A Win-Win for You and Your Pet

Peace of Mind

A completed Pet Form brings you peace of mind and a sense of well being, knowing you have provided your pets with a trusted pet guardian to care for and comfort them if you no longer can.

Future Pets

A completed Pet Form not only safeguards the future of the pet you have now, but Pet Forms also give you the confidence to continue sharing the love and companionship of pets long into your life.

Happy Pets

Handing out copies of your completed Pet Form to friends, family and professionals means your wishes for your pet will be well known, ensuring that your pet will remain safe and happy.

Put Yourself in Your Pet's Place

Imagine the person you count on and love most in the world doesn't come home. How would you feel? Confused? Afraid? Anxious? All of that - and more?

But what if someone soon came to you, told you what had happened and not to worry. What if they told you that the person you loved, loved you too, and they had created a plan for you just in case this day might happen.

What if in this plan you have a home to go to and a trusted friend to care for you until the one you love can return, or for the remainder of your days if that is necessary. Wouldn't that make you feel better? It would certainly make your pet feel better.

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